Madden NFL 23 Review, Price and Release Date

If you also like to play video games, then today we have brought great news for you because recently the trailer of Madden NFL 23 game has been launched on youtube and today we are going to give you a review about this game. When is the release date of the game, as well as in this we will also tell you what updates have come in the new version of the game. We will also discuss the new features which are included in the new version. It was released on 19th August 2022.

Madden NFL 23 review and price

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If you have also played its old version, then you must have seen a lot of shortcomings in it.  For the last 2 years, some good improvements were not made in this game but now its new version has come and this time there have been a lot of improvements and now the game is running much smoother than before.

On which consoles can I play Madden NFL 23?

If you have a ps5, xbox series x console then you can play the new version of this game very easily and you will also get to see a lot of new features but if you have any other console like ps4 and xbox one then you will not see much new features in it. If you want to have a very good experience of this game, then you can play it on ps5 or xbox series x console only.

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New Features and Price of Madden NFL 23

In the new version of Madden NFL 23 you will see a lot of changes and the new version includes high quality graphics and Improvements have also been made in the commentary and a lot of new action has come on the field as well. In the old version of the Madden 22, you could not control your player well but in this new version you can control your player very well and you will also enjoy playing the new version. You can pass your ball to other players with ease and accuracy, and the defense has been smarter in the new features.

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Overall, if we talk about the old version, the new version has got very good features and at the same time you will also get to see very good simulation and also very good animation in the entry of players. But still somewhere you may find some shortcomings in it and if we talk about the price of this game then you will get it for $99.99 and you can purchase it digitally.

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