‘Better Call Saul’ series finale has Surprising Ending

Finally the finale of Better Call Saul series has Gone. In this article, we have given a review of Better Call Saul Season 6 episode 13.

Better Call Saul Surprising Ending

In the outstanding finale of one of the most consistently strong dramas of the recent times Bob Odenkirk, Saul Goodman he plans a mastermind plan to escape from prison and then he took the opportunity to clear ex-wife ke bachelor and reclaim has real name now Jimmy will almost spend rest of his life behind the prison.

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As we see the vision of breaking bad was  pitch dark and we see criminal Walter want to achieve everything before he dies.

This finale felt specious from the way Saul solved the crisis in the drug trade now simply a list of crimes for which Saul must answer.

Her performance with her pretending to be her ex-husband lawyer in order to share a final cigarette in prison reminds  of all the gifts they pulled together in happier times.

And they are discussion takes place at the place of soul and saul think that Walter  has  any regrets and then Michael return for another scene in this scene he play brother Jimmy and share his sweet and sorrowful for what lies ahead and Jimmy notice that check is reading the novel and then novel image the time Machine SBC the last episode of the breaking bad operates a time Machine the finale ratifice that sense once and for all once United against able now separated by the prison

And as we see that Saul remembers for his achievement for television how beautiful and energetic he is.

And at that what made it work with last moment the show blackness to be reputed and have solved under story of page fall how he fault for the second time in the final episode and it tells that how the story enough to let came of the hook and it is the last act in an inversion of what we have seen on breaking bad’s and six season long game an at the last moment as we seen that the saul l has been hiding all along.

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This episode of Better Call Saul was very emotional because in this episode you saw that Jimmy and Kim have ended and Howard, Nacho and Lalo also ended in this episode of ‘Better Call Saul’ series. The Better Call Saul series had a very surprising ending like this and the show was a very good show too.

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