Kalyn Ponga and Kurt Mann were caught on camera while coming out of the toilet along with drinks

Recently a clip has surfaced in which two famous rugby league footballer kalyn ponga and Kurt Mann are coming out of the toilet and they are kicked out of toilet cubicle by the guard there and they both have drinks in their hands and this scene is captured by a cameraman and the clip is of only 16 seconds but is becoming quite viral and that’s why now investigation is also happening on it.

Kalyn ponga toilet cubicle incident

And the clip that is going viral, not much is known about the date it is from and why Ponga and Mann were kicked outside the toilet by the guard.

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“Before the toilet cubicle video surfaced, Ponga had given a statement in which he said that I can play well in the last round but I should not play in the last round, it would be wise”. This statement was told by Ponga on Sunday on Triple M Newcastle radio and Ponga also said that he has a headache and does not know what was happening but now he is feeling well and he is fine.

After the toilet cubicle video surfaced, Knights launched an investigation to bring out the truth, after all, why did the guard kicked Ponga and Mann out of the toilet.

But a different statement of Ponga’s dad is coming out on Toilet Cubicle Incident, in which he is telling that recently Ponga has bought a new house and that is why he had called his friends to his house and gave them a party of the new house. But after this, “as soon as Ponga went to the toilet, he fell silk there and Mann went inside the toilet to help him”.

It may be that many of you know that Ponga has been the co-captain of Knights since the beginning of this season and recently in April he had signed a five-year contract that he will remain with the club till the end of 2027.

Currently Mann is out of Knights’ due to injury but very soon he can come back to Knights’ and in the last match of this season he can come back to Knights’.

Now it will be quite interesting to see why a guard kicked Ponga and Mann out of the toilet cubicle and only when the statements of Ponga and Mann come, the truth can come out. And it is expected that the truth may come out on Tuesday.

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