Massive buildings and vehicles damaged due to fire at Massachusetts Marina

A massive fire at Massachusetts Marina on Friday caused heavy damage to several boats, buildings and vehicles.  The fire was so big that the thick smoke rising from it covered the entire area. Due to which a plume of black smoke became so thick that it was caught by the weather radar.

Fire at Massachusetts

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The horrific scene was shot by WCVB-TV and its aerial video showed most of the boat yard in Mattapoisett engulfed in flames, with the video revealing that the fire was clearly visible on buildings and on the ground.  But it had spread to the boats.  A firefighter could be seen approaching the fire area, trying his best to get as close as possible to put the fire out. As he approached the boat kept there, he found one of them.  A jet of water was sprayed on the boat.

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A boat kept in a shed caught fire and the fire was so deadly that the boat went uphill very fast. Tim Price, a boatyard mechanic, told WJAR-TV about all these incidents,”  He also said that “he thinks he lost everything in this terrible fire”.

Price was about to mention an injured person but did not elaborate. After all, who was that injured person?. And due to this fire, there has been a lot of damage, many buildings have been ruined and all the nearby vehicles have also been burnt.

The police are investigating what was the reason for the fire and on this the police said that there was no one present there to tell us about this terrible fire of Mattapoisett, police departments said no one was available to comment . Firefighters from around the region responded to the blaze, including from as far as Providence, Rhode Island, about 30 miles away.

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