ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Suffered from Bipolar disorder

This disorder is related to the mind of the person, the mood of the person who suffers from this disorder ranges from depressive to manic high. People suffering from this disorder experience different kinds of moods like  sadness, elevated mood, anger, anxiety, apathy, mood swings etc. And also, you can easily observe many behavioural changes … Read more

The resort actress Cristin Milioti Dating and Diet plan in 2022

American actress Cristin Milioti started her acting life in early 20s. She started acting professionally both on stage and television in 2006. After that she worked hard for her career and later she landed her first lead role on television, in the romantic comedy TV series A to Z, though it didn’t last long. But … Read more

Ezra Miller Health down D.C Universe fall

DC flash EZRA MILLER is going through severe mental health issue and as we know that in earlier milad has been accused of beating of women and through a chair to another woman and other children’s behavior towards women and children has inappropriately but all of this as assault and allegation set to reprise their  role in … Read more

Nick Jonas Suffering Story Of Type 1 diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes)

A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little amount of insulin and sometimes it stops producing insulin. It typically appears in adolescence. And the live example of this disease is an American singer Nicholas Jerry Jonas .People who has suffering from type 1 diabetes experiences symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue and blurred … Read more