Ezra Miller Health down D.C Universe fall

DC flash EZRA MILLER is going through severe mental health issue and as we know that in earlier milad has been accused of beating of women and through a chair to another woman and other children’s behavior towards women and children has inappropriately but all of this as assault and allegation set to reprise their  role in the DC solo movie the flash releasing on June 23 2023.

Ezra Miller health down

In the recent interview Ezra Miller said that that I know that I am suffering complex mental health issue and have been on going treatment Miller sad that  I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed  and upset with my past behavior I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to healthy safe and productive stage in my life.

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In the upcoming movie of the flash became to know about that flash has long been closely associated with the multiverse as we know that Marvel has all already introduce multiverse now it’s time for DC to introduce multiverse so DC bring their multiverse with the movie flash coming in June 23 2023.

Some spoilers is  that in this movie Barry Allen changes his universe after traveling back  from his universe back and time to prevent his mother death.

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As we know that DC is suffering from his superheroes movies in comparison to Marvel’s movies as the last film of DC  suffer a lot  but as we see it was fully flop at box office his Batman and Superman were leaving the roles because they don’t want to do any superhero films only superheroes left in DC gal Gadot and aquaman now we have all the eyes on the flash in the justice league that flash is able to go to past.

The flash connected to various storylines in DC universe in recent interview we came to know that flash encounter to Batman from different universe.

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As we know that DC upcoming movies were black Adam and Shazam fury of the god.

Audience more excited to black Adam because he is more powerful than Superman and the role playing actor is  the rock Dwayn Johnson and after that  films Warner  Bros confirmed about third wonder woman movie.

So in the end conclusion was that if these movies are super flop than DC universe will shut down and if these movies are blockbuster than DC universe will take down to Marvels.

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