Sarah Palin is all set for Alaska’s US House elections to be held in November

If you look at the news daily, then many of you must have known Sarah Palin, who has already been a former governor and has also been a former vice president, and with this, the recent elections in the US House will be held. In which there are a total of 4 seats but Palin has clinched one seat out of them.

Sarah Palin November Election

There will be a lot of competition in the election for the Alaska House in November because the four contestants who are standing are all very big leaders. And for the elections to be held in Alaska in November, now the choice voting system has also been done in a new way.

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And just as Palin supported Donald Trump in the election, now Donald Trump is also seen supporting Palin for the election to be held in November and that is why he is also campaigning for Sarah in Alaska.

For the elections to be held in November, Sara’s two main rivals are Mary Peltola and Nick Begich and there is no information about the fourth opponent yet.

According to the elections to be held in November, which will be according to the ranked-choice voting system, the voter has to first select the candidate to whom he gives the first choice and then select the other candidates in the sequence.

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And if a candidate gets the majority in the first time itself then he wins but if it does not happen then the same process is repeated again and the voters have to choose their second choice and rank the candidate. And the candidate who gets the least number of votes is eliminated for the second choice.

Let us tell you that Sarah’s main competitor can be Peltola because she is a native of Alaska and at the same time she works for the Inter-tribal Fish Commission and at this time this work has been given to them for the Kuskokwim River. She has previously been a former Democratic legislator and the Inter-Tribal Fish Commission is a coalition for tribes that protect fisheries.

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Begich can also give a tough competition to Sarah Palin because his family background is very good and all his family members were politicians from Alaska. And his grandfather was a congressman and his uncles are State Democratic Sen and Alaska Democratic Sen. And the biggest thing is that the Alaska Republican Party is giving him full support and that’s why their chances of winning are also very high.

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